With a combined total of 90 years of knowledge in our office complimented by employing drivers/operators with countless years of experience and expertise, we endeavor to bring a unique service to our customers and be able to stand out from the completion. We aim to make it as simple as possible for you to work with us, by developing a strong relationship and understanding your needs as a customer we hope you will always contact us to cover all your lift and transport needs.

A brief overview of our fleet is

  1. 26 tonne (6 wheel rigid) with front mounted hiab capable of lifting max 5 tonnes (5000kgs) and offering an 8 metre platform space and an 8 tonnes payload.
  2. 32 tonne (8 wheel rigid) with front mounted hiab capable of lifting up to 8 ton.
    • Or with a maximum reach of 20 metres
  3. 44 tonne Artics with hiab capable of lifting up to 8 tonnes.
    • Or with a 17 metre reach.
    • Or with a 20 ton Maximum payload.
  4. 80 tonne Artics (STGO) with hiabs capable of lifting up to 15 tonnes.
    • Or a fully extended reach outwards or upwards of 28 metres.

We can also Escort your abnormal loads (including completing the notifications to all the authorities involved.

We provide ALLMI training for your Operators or Slinger/Signallers.

Many jobs and sites now require an accredited “Appointed Person” to carry out specific site surveys, Risk Assessments Method Statements (RAMS), and for more complex lifts a site supervisor may be required. We can cover all of this for you in one package.